KDF Shower Filter

KDF filter media: The patented KDF filter media is a high purity copper-zinc alloy. Based on redox reaction (oxidation – reduction) it changes free chloride into benign chlorine. The heavy metals which are dissolved in the water react to plate out onto the medias surface effectively being removed from the water. Waterborne calcium lolecules are changed so they inhibit scale buildup within the shower and on the tap ware. As the KDF filter media is bacteriostatic, there is no risk of bacteria contamination.

KDF stands for:
-Less chlorine
-Less heavy metals
-Less scale buildup

Area of application: In areas with chlorinated tap water or any other chemical impurities. Thanks to the reduction of lime scale build up the KDF can also be used in areas with hard water.

Especially suitable persons with sensitive skin (e.g. Neurodermatitis). The water feels significantly softer on the skin.