Experience Filopur

Your source of running drinking water at home – Enjoy the Filopur taste experience!

Old water pipes or other installations within the supply network may emit substances which have a negative impact on the taste or quality of the water. Filopur filters retains micro particles and heavy metals.

Chlorine which has been added to reduce germs in the water gives water a bad taste. Filopur filters chlorine and other organic impurities in your water.

A high water hardness has a negative influence on the taste of your coffee and tea. With the specific Filopur filter the water hardness can be reduced.

The concentration of nitrate in the water might be high especially in rural areas. Filopur offers a specific filter to reduce the nitrate concentration.

Relax while drinking water

The Filopur water filter provides you fresh and healthy water any time at home. Stop dragging heavy water bottles and save space in your kitchen!