Filopur: Your source of fresh water in your home

Filopur stands for more than 40 years of competence in water purification. Thanks to its patented filter technology the Filopur water filters reliably remove bacteria, chemical impurities, bad taste and odor as well as water hardness or nitrate. The natural minerals remains in the water.

Depending on country and region, we are facing different challenges in tap water. With our comprehensive portfolio we can offer you a solution to any problem.

All Filopur HU water filters are based on the standard filter C1. The water softener, nitrate removal and carbon filter are additional filter options.

Thanks to its small size and easy installation the Filopur water filter is ideal to be installed in a motorhome or on a sailing yacht. Enhance your container-stored water and enjoy safe and fresh drinking water! Article in the magazine “Caravaning” .

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Biophotone is vitalizing the water and allows an optimal fulfillment of the water’s tasks in the body:

Ideal for the supply of the body with nutrients and active agents: The energized water ensures a good availability to the body of any nutrients active agents solved in the water.

Optimal body cleansing and detoxification: The energized water helps to purge the body and to wash out the residue of the metabolism

Vitalization of metabolism: The energized water keeps the functions of the metabolism well running and makes you feel energized!