What is Biophotone?

The definition of the ideal water for the body is a clear, natural and pure spring water with a healthy, beneficial oscillation spectrum. These oscillation is nothing more than information for our body.

With the Biophotone technology, a broad, beneficial oscillation spectrum is transmitted to the water. As soon as the water gets into our body (by drinking), the oscillation spectrum is provided to our body. Besides others, these are the oscillation rate of light, oxygen as well as of different types of gems.

How does Biophotone work?

Biophotone Technology achieves the same effect as homeopathy with the potentization. A broad, beneficial oscillation spectrum (very close to the spectrum of water of a mountain spring) is transmitted to a piezo-electrical quartz. This quartz transfers the oscillation spectrum within split second to the passing water.

What is the effect?

The Biophotone technology changes “dead” water into energized water and makes it qualitatively comparable to water from a mountain spring. The effectiveness can be measured with the crystal analysis. The water sample treated with Biophotone technology shows an even structure, similar to a snow crystal.

Ideal  supply of the body with nutrients and active agents: The energized water ensures a good availability to the body of any nutrients active agents solved in the water.

Optimal body cleansing and detoxification: The energized water helps to purge the body and to wash out the residue of the metabolism

Vitalization of metabolism: The energized water keeps the functions of the metabolism well running and makes you feel energized!