Why do I need a water filter?

The public water supply works in Switzerland guarantees a high water quality of the tap water. But they are responsible for the transportation to the house connection only. Until you get the water out of your tap, it may flow through many meters of inhouse pipelines. Depending on the age of the building, the piplines might emit substances which do not belong into drinking water (e.g. lead). These substances are filtered by the Filopur filter.

In many countries the water is treated with chlorine to avoid bacteriologica contamination. Unfortunately, this leads to an impairment of the taste of the water. The Filopur water purifier filters small particles, bacteria and removes bad odors and taste from the water – a taste adventure for the whole family!

When do I have to replace the Filopur filter?


C1 filter, blue: filters up to 2’000 liters of water. Replace it after 6 months usage at the latest.

C1 filter, green: filters up to 900 liters of water. Replace it after 6 months usage at the latest.

CK & CN cartridges: maximal lifetime of 2 year. Prerequisite: periodical regeneration (every 3 months or more).

CA cartridge: filters up to 4’000 liters of water. Replace it after 12 months usage at the latest.

Equator Shower Filter: Replace cartridge every 12 months.

Attention: the above mentioned liters are approximate values. The local water quality has an influence on the lifetime of the filter / the cartridge.

How can I regenerate the Filopur CK and CN cartridges?

Upload regeneration instuctions

Why is my filter already clogged after 2 months?

The time until the filter gets clogged depends on the quality of the water. As more particles (turbidity) you have in your tap water, the shorter is the lifetime of a C1 filter. This also shows you that your filter worksf properly. Competitive products promoting a very long lifetime / high flowrate may compromise on filtration quality.

For water with high turbidity, Filopur offers the green C1G filter with an additional pre-filtration stage.

Which contaminates are filtered from the water?

The Filopur water filter has been developed to be applied on a supply network at the point of use. With ist microfiltration the filter retains particles up to 0.4 thousandth of a millimeter. The activated carbon adsorbs organic and chemical impurities which can give a bad taste and odor to the water. Also virus such as Hepatitis A can be retained.

Important: the healthy minerals stay in the water as they are very small (0.001 thousandth of a millimeter) and therefore can pass the microfiltration

Why is the flow rate limited?

The flow rate is mainly given by the filter media. The microfiltration ensures that all harmful substances are being removed. If the pores would be bigger, more water could pass ther filter – but also more contaminants.

What is the Biophotone technology?

The Biophotone technology changes the molecular structure of the water so it is close to the structure of spring water. After being transported through hundreds of miles in pipes, the water looses its vitality («dead water») and can not fulfill its tasks in the human body anymore as foreseen. Biophotone supports the water to:

– Idealy supply the body with nutrients and active agents, optimally
– Optimally cleanses and detoxyfies the body
– Vitalize the metabolism

How long is the Biophotone technology effective?

Once the water has been restructured, it stays around 24 hours like this.

Does the Filopur filter need electricity?

No, the Filopur water filter works without electricity. You only need a water pressure of at least 1 bar. Regularly you have 2 – 4 bar of water pressure in your household.