C1: Standard Filter

The C1 filter is the heart of the Filopur water purifiers.


Microfiltration: The Filopur C1 Filter with its microfiltration is the heart of the Filopur HU-Line. The smallest pore size is 0.4 microns and effectively eliminates bacteria, giardia, cyst and larger particles from the tap water.

Mineral salts, which are healthy for the body, remain in the water as they are in the ionic and molecular range and therefore can pass the filtration. The Filopur C1 filter consists out of several layers for a deep bed filtration. To do so, the nine layers fulfill three different functions: After the pre-filtration the water passes the deep bed filtration prior exiting through the post-filtration.

Activated carbon: Activated carbon is made out of coconut shell and has the strongest physical adsorption forces of all known materials. Adsorption is a chemical reaction which leads to a bonding of organic compounds on the activated carbon.

The activated carbon eliminates organic compounds and other chemical substances from the water. For example chlorine, fuel or diesel but also substances such as herbicides, pesticides and atrazine are being removed.

Silver ions: There are silver ions mixed in the activated carbon. These ions have a bacteriostatic effect and effectively avoid a contamination of the filter.