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tbosshart_Feb2013 “Filopur is a family owned company and has more than 40 years of experience in the business of water filtration at point of use. Our products are sold globally in more than 30 countries.

Water is essential for survival and can’t be replaced by any other substance. Therefore we set our goal at Filopur to provide you with natural, pure and healthy water. Water is part of the daily diet and therefore should also have an excellent taste. With Filopur water filters you and your family experience the daily enjoyment of natural, healthy drinking water and the positive effect on your well-being.

Our products are easy to use and durable, so they fit any types of  households.

Refine your tap water with the Filopur water filter by taking care of the environment at the same time. No water bottles means less waste, less transportation and much more comfort for you.

Pour you a glass of Filopur water and enjoy it to the last sip!”

Thomas Bosshart

Owner & CEO

Filopur News

Shower Filter Home-Use-Test confirms reduction of skin itching

During a home-use-test, 18 persons have tested the Filopur Shower Filter and documented their experience over a period of at least three weeks. A vast majority of 78% was so satisfied with the product they even would recommend it to a friend. 72% of the participants have specifically noticed a...
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Water Know-how: Why Filtering Water?

Why filtering water? There are different ways of obtaining drinking water: Tap water, boiled water, bottled water or water from purification systems. However, how do you know which is the best way to obtain safe an quality water? Tap water: In Switzerland, the tap water is of high quality as...
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Filopur News: Focus Biophotone

Ideal water for your body is highly pure spring water which supports optimally your metabolsim and other body functions. With the combination of Filopur filtration and the biophysical restructuring of Biophotone we achieve this spring water quality. The natural bio-structure is back to your tap water during the flow through...
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