Water & Body

Water fulfills important body functions and has significant influence on our well-being.

Water is the basic element of life, without water there would be no life on earth. Roughly 70% of the globe are covered with water and the human body consists of around 60% of water.

Water can not be replaced by any other substance and refreshes us every day!

Water is our most important aliment and fulfills vital functions of our body:

Water as nutrient: Water is element of all body and cell liquids. In combination with minerals, it ensures the osmotic pressure within the cells.

Water as solvent: The digestive juice in the bowel dissolves the nutrition and agents out of the food and allows utilization in the body.

Water as means of transportation: Water transports in the blood and the lymph the solved nutrition and agents to the cells. At the same time degradation products of the metabolism are discharged.

Water as regulator of temperature: If the body temperature is too high, the body starts to evaporate water through the skin (sweating). This leads to a cooling effect.

Fresh and clean water is the base for personal well-being! To optimally fulfill the above mentioned functions it is important that you drink clean and fresh water.

Only the best water for you and your family!