Ideal water for your body is highly pure spring water which supports optimally your metabolsim and other body functions. With the combination of Filopur filtration and the biophysical restructuring of Biophotone we achieve this spring water quality. The natural bio-structure is back to your tap water during the flow through the system. The biophysical restructuring is clearly improving the bioavailability. It makes your water ready optimally fulfilling the needs of your body.

Biophotone Technology achieves the same effect as homeopathy with the potentization. It is the goal, to transfer the oscillation spectrum from one substance to a carrier which further transports the oscillation to the human body. The effect of this technology and their products are based on the fact that each matter is nothing than condensed energy and is defined by an electromagnetically energy field with its specific oscillation pattern.

The quartz in the Filopur water filter is covering a resonance spectrum of the following areas:
– Light
– Harmony
– Energy
– Revitalization
– Clarity

In several tests, the effect of Biophotone has been evaluated as positive. In the book “Geräte zur Wasserbelebung” from Andreas Schulz it achieved the grade 2.1 (1 is the best, 6 the worst). The crystal analysis from Hagalis shows clear changes in the structure of the water crystal:

Wasserkristall schlecht   Wasserkristall ideal 2
untreated water                                                 Water treated with Biophotone

Enjoy the benefits of vitalized water!