1973 Filopur was founded in Switzerland as a spin-off of the GuteHoffnungHütte (Germany) to commercialize a patented filter technology. Mr. Peter Schmid-König (President of the board of directors) presented at October 18th, 1973 in Basel (Switzerland) the first Filopur filter to the media. Besides a household unit a device for outdoor applications was presented.
1970/80er Focus on Mediterranean countries within Europe. Besides this, the technology gets licensed to North Africa and South America. The production is established at the ZUWEBE (sheltered workshop) in the center of Switzerland. The ZUWEBE is still today a reliable business partner.
1990er The Italian market develops to a economical pillar of Filopur. Besides the standard filter other models have been developped to address local water challenges.
2004 Rudolf Bosshart takes over Filopur after 3 years of acting as CEO. Expansion to Russia: Thanks to the strong distributor partner Orbit, Filopur products are now sold in Russia too.
2005 Filopur enters cooperation with Biophotone International UG and launches the HU-Line with Biophotone technology.
2009 Filopur gets the authorization by the Chinese government to start selling in China.
2011 Filopur expands to the bathroom with the launch of the “Equator” shower filter which also includes the Biophotone technology. Simplicity and esthetics have been again the basis for this new product development.
2012 Thomas Bosshart takes over as CEO of Filopur.